African rhinoceros – Save The Rhino

About This Project

SRINewLogo(small)All 5 species of African and Asian rhino are threatened with extinction. One reason is the disappearance of their habitat, but the main cause is poaching: rhino horn is highly sought after for use in traditional Chinese medicine.
At one time, poaching had been brought more or less under control, but since 2008 it has increased dramatically. In 2013, over 1000 rhinos were killed in southern Africa by poachers working for large criminal gangs who use extremely cruel methods to collect the horns and sell them in Asia.
At this rate, the rhinoceros could be extinct in the wild by 2026!

The “Save The Rhino” organisation has been working for more than 20 years to protect the African and Asian rhino. It runs a range of programmes in the field and raises awareness in local and international communities.
La Barben zoo and Ecofaune have been supporting the work of “Save The Rhino” since 2011, helping it to combat rhino poaching in Africa and run education programmes to reduce the demand for rhino horn in Asia.

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