Bercats- Arctictis Binturong Conservation

About This Project

The bearcat is a medium-sized mammal (9 to 20 kg) native to the tropical forests of Asia. Arboricultural, it is carnivorous with a frugivorous tendency. But its biology and its way of life are very little known!

Its numbers in the wild are declining, and it is considered a vulnerable species on the IUCN red list. The main reasons for this decline are the development of the meat trade as well as massive deforestation. It is also sometimes captured to serve as a “pet”.
The French association ABConservation is the first organization in the world entirely dedicated to the study and protection of the binturong. It has a double objective:
– raise awareness and publicize this species, in particular through the creation of a world day dedicated to binturongs and other methods of disseminating information on binturong.
– conduct a program (s) of field studies, in order to better understand this species.

Thus in 2016 began a first study program in Palawan, in the Philippines.

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