Giraffes in Niger – ASGN

About This Project

logoasgnIn 1995, there were only 50 giraffes left in the whole of West Africa, isolated on a plateau in Niger. The reason: the extension of farmland, hunting, poaching and desertification.
With the support of a number of zoos, the ASGN has been working very hard for over ten years to save these giraffes, putting in place a range of complementary programmes in one hundred villages:

  • monitoring the giraffe population and replanting woodland
  • awareness-raising and education locally and internationally
  • supporting local development: building wells, allocating micro-credits, agricultural education, health assistance…

The organisation’s work saw giraffe numbers increase to more than 600 today!
Though this giraffe population is still extremely fragile, the programme has been a genuine success and shows that good results can be achieved by enabling humans and giraffes to live together in harmony.

La Barben zoo and our Ecofaune Association have been partners in this programme since 2005.

ASGN partners: Bioparc Doué la Fontaine (FR), ASGN European representative – South Lakes Wild Animal Park (UK) – Touroparc (FR) – Champrepus Zoo (FR) – Maubeuge Zoo (FR) – CERZA (FR) – Lyon Zoo (FR) – KIBOUJ (FR) – Ville de Murs-Erigné (FR) – Amersfoort Zoo (NL) – Planckendael Zoo (BE) – African Wildlife Foundation (US).

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