Cotton-top tamarins – Proyecto titi Fundation

About This Project

Found only in certain forests of Colombia, cotton-top tamarins are Critically Endangered: only 7000 of them remain!
The reasons: deforestation (only 1% of their original forests remain) and catches for trafficking in “pets”.

The Proyecto Titi foundation does a complete job for their protection, through different axes:
– research: better understanding this species and its needs is fundamental in order to better protect it
– environmental education: make people understand that pinched tamarins are not pets, and encourage them to protect the forests where they live
– aid to communities: generate sustainable income, so that communities use forest products less and better (wood, etc.)
– forest protection: creation of protected areas, plantations …

We are pleased to support this program since 2014.

More information on their Website.

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