The team


Opened in 1971, La Barben zoo now employs more than 35 people doing a range of jobs. They all work hard to take care of our animal residents and to make sure you have an unforgettable visit!

The keepers

These professionals are responsible for the day-to-day care of the animals. Cleaning the enclosures and buildings, preparing and distributing feed, setting up enrichment activities… They also run our “meet the keeper” sessions, when they will introduce you to the animals in their care and share their enthusiasm for the job.

The technical department

Specialists (electrician, builder, carpenter, painter, etc.) responsible for maintaining the buildings and the green spaces and for building new developments…

The sales and marketing team

Whether working on reception, at the thatched café or in the shop, they are all working to make sure your visit is successful!

The scientific and veterinary department

Monitoring the health and welfare of the animals, organising arrivals and departures to other zoos, planning dietary regimes…

The education team

Here to offer you special events and other fun tools to help you learn all about our animals… and how to protect them!
Their aim is also to introduce you to the various programmes to protect species in their natural habitat (“in-situ conservation”) supported by the zoo through its charity Ecofaune… and to help you get involved!

The administration

Accounts, secretarial, communication… All elements essential to daily life at the zoo!