Hamadryas baboon

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The desert baboon
These primates live in arid areas in north-eastern Africa, on both sides of the Red Sea. They eat a range of plants, insects, eggs and small vertebrates… Their social system is highly unusual: basic units (one male, some ten females and their young) join together as a clan. Several clans form a band, and several bands form a troop! In Ancient Egypt they were considered sacred.

A complete group lives at La Barben. You will recognise the male by his long silvery coat (while the females are brown) and you are sure to see some mutual grooming sessions which help to maintain the social bond.

Latin name: Papio hamadryas
Class: Mammalia
Order: Primates
Family: Cercopithecidae
Size: 61 – 75 cm, tail 33 – 61 cm
Weight: 9- 13 kg (females), 17 – 25 kg (males)
Lifespan: 37 years
Gestation: 5.5 months
Number of young: 1
Habitat: savannah
Diet: herbivorous / frugivorous / insectivorous
Distribution: around the Red Sea, from Sudan to Somalia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
Conservation status: not at risk