Visitor information

Visitor regulations

  • balls, bicycles and scooters are not allowed in the zoo
  • no animals may be brought into the zoo
  • please remain outside the barriers and do not sit on them
  • do not try to touch the animals and do not chase the peacocks
  • any person not complying with these regulations will be asked to leave the zoo immediately.

 Feeding the zoo animals is absolutely forbidden.
Our team carefully monitors the quality and quantity of their diet…

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.


Recycle your mobiles… Bring them to the zoo!

The zoo collects your old mobile phones (with battery), and recycles them. This means new phones can be manufactured without taking raw materials from the natural environment. In addition, for each phone recycled, the collection company makes a donation to Ecofaune, our charity that finances animal protection programmes!