School groups

Fun ways to discover and understand the animal world!

As special places for learning all about wild animals, zoos play a fundamental educational role.

La Barben zoo is committed to helping its visitors to understand, respect and protect wild animals and their environment. As part of this commitment, the zoo offers a variety of tools designed for pupils of all ages to discover the animal world and raise awareness of the need to protect the environment.

Educational panels

Placed next to every enclosure, these panels provide information on the animals and their conservation. The explaination text is translated in English.

Meet the keeper

Discover the secrets of a variety of fascinating animals: lifestyle, diet, behaviours… These sessions are an opportunity to observe, discuss and learn, with the family or in a group. They are generally in French (excepted if you are the only participants!) but most of our educators speak English and would be happy to exchange with you after the general speech!

Animals and times: in the events diary on our website or when you arrive at the zoo. School groups are offered ‘meet the keeper’ sessions throughout the year. Please request this when you book.


per child

promotion from September 2019 to 15th March 2020 included :
3.50 €
per child

per adult

1 helper free for every 5 nursery children
1 helper free for every 10 pupils from primary, middle or secondary schools and holiday centres

A practical suggestion: the picnic basket!

If you want to travel light, we can provide a picnic basket for you!
Please place your order 48 hrs in advance, by fax on (please note, the number of picnics ordered will be the number invoiced).

Charge: €6 / person

Educational booklets to download

Fun and educational, the zoo has created these booklets to help children to learn more about the animals and discover the living world

Suitable for children of all ages, it is designed to be taken with you as you visit the zoo.

Suitable for nursery school children, it is a first introduction to the animal world.

Designed for older nursery school children to early primary (5-7)

Designed for pupils aged 8-11

These three booklets are designed to be enjoyed by children before and after their visit to the zoo.
Printed versions of all four booklets are also available from the zoo reception for €4.

Educational workshops

Designed for schoolchildren (from nursery to middle school), these workshops cover a range of animal-related themes in a clear and fun way and aim to raise awareness of environmental issues and eco-responsibility. A number of subjects are offered, in line with the school curriculum: diet, classification, the threats facing animals in the wild, the work of the zoo… To take part in these workshops, places must be booked in advance with our education department.


We offer a series of open days to help you prepare your visit. One of our education officers will show you the various options and tools available to you and answer any questions you might have. You will also be given time to explore the zoo.

Dates available:

  • Wednesday 09th October 2019
  • Wednesday 04th March 2020
  • Saturday 14th March 2020
  • Saturday 28th March 2020

These days are free of charge and exclusively for teachers, who must book in advance.

For more information on the educational workshops:

Our education department will be happy to advise you: [email protected]

Please familiarise yourself with our visitor regulations as all ages are asked to comply with them!