Special events and education

Throughout the year,
the zoo offers a great choice of special events

Meet the Keeper

These daily sessions offer visitors the chance to get better acquainted with a variety of fascinating animals: what they eat, their lifestyle and behaviours, the threats they are facing in the wild, the new role of zoos… These sessions are an opportunity to observe, discuss and learn, designed for young and old alike, with the family or in a group.

Place: in front of the enclosure of the featured animal
Duration: 20 minutes
Period: March to November and during the New Year school holidays.
Times and animals: listed in the events diary or when you arrive at the zoo

Birds flying demonstration

A unique experience – watch a variety of birds in free flight over the garigue natural grassland: falcons, vultures, owls, storks… An opportunity to learn all about these birds!

Place: at the flying area, next to the hippos
Duration: 30 minutes
Period: 18 April to 18th October
Dates and times: listed in the events diary or when you arrive at the zoo. Never on Friday !
Important: for safety reasons, the gates of the flying area will be closed while the birds are in flight, so you will be unable to enter or leave until the demonstration is completely finished!

Special events in 2020

Animals’ carnival
From 17th to 28th, February (excepted on Saturday and Sunday)

Spring festival
Saturday 21th and Sunday 22th, March

Easter Egg Hunt… at the zoo!
Sunday 12 and Monday 13 April

Conservation Days
– Sunday 15th, March
– Sunday 5th, April
– Sunday 10th, May
– Sunday 07th, June,
– Sunday 26th, July
– Sunday 16th, August
– Sunday 20th, September
– Sunday, 04th, October

EAZA Campaign for Oceans
– from 14th to 26th, April
– from 21th to 24 th, May
– from 03rd to 14th, August (excepted on Saturday and Sunday)

Summer festival
From 20st to 24th, July

Tigers days
From 27th to 31st, July

All Saints Days vacation
Special activities !

More information in our events diary and in the news section!

Educational booklets to download

Free to download, these fun booklets help children to learn more about the animals and discover the living world

Suitable for children of all ages, it is designed to be taken with you as you visit the zoo.

Suitable for nursery school children, it is a first introduction to the animal world.

For pupils aged 6-8.

Designed for pupils aged 9-11

These three booklets are designed to be enjoyed by children before and after their visit to the zoo.
Printed versions of all four booklets are also available from the zoo reception for €4.

“SOS Rhino” treasure hunt (in French)

Take your special treasure hunt envelope and set off on the trail of our rhino horn thief, to try and find the precious horn… for children aged 7 to 14, the game envelope costs €1 from the zoo reception, with all profits to a rhino protection programme.