Lot of babies are born during this spring !

Lot of babies are born during this spring !

Despite the zoo’s closure, life continued at the Barben zoo and lots of babies are born during the past few weeks.

Large Bennett’s Wallaby family has grown to 14 babies. Exceptionally, one of the mothers gave birth to twins. It hadn’t happened in over 10 years. Visitors can now see them coming out of their mothers’ pouch.

Our female tapir, a species managed by a European breeding program, gave birth to a baby of just over 5 kg in very good health. It took 13 months of gestation for the family to grow, helping to preserve this mammal, one of the largest in South America.

Our couple of giant anteaters, at the Barben zoo for 6 years, have given birth to their third baby since their arrival. Lau, the female, and Hannibal the male, are also protected by a European Breeding Program because their species is one of the most endangered animals in Central America and Brazil.

Among the births, there are also deer, goats, turtles, birds of prey…
The latest arrivals are fennec foxes babies. After a first litter in March 2019, our couple of fennecs foxes repeats the adventure with the birth of three puppies. This is good news for this species also protected by an EEP. These are the latest arrivals from the zoo. To find out more about fennecs foxes and their babies, Elodie, animal carer answered your questions … (in French !)