“Let it Grow” campaign!

“Let it Grow” campaign!

Zoo takes part in the « Let it grow » campaign about local biodiversity. Proposed by EAZA (European association of zoos and aquaria), it will last 2 years !
But biodiversity… What does it mean ? Why is that so important ? What can we do to protect it ?
Biodiversity is life, under all its forms ! Visible or invisible, animal or vegetable, it’s our planet’s biggest wealth. For two years, we’ll honour the fauna and the flora of our region, because not only elephants or polar bears are in danger !

A “Nature Path” is coming in the zoo, you’ll be able to discover it during your walk in the park and find some good ideas to welcome biodiversity at home.

From the April 03rd to the April 17th, we propose one theme per week with some activities (for kids but adults also!) linked with this theme.
– From 03rd to 10th of April : let’s discover the little mammals present in our gardens ! During the 9th afternoon, a specialist will come to talk about hedgehogs and squirrels.
– From 11th to 17 of April : butterflies will be the week’s theme. Let’s learn how this little caterpillar can become this colourful insect. You’ll have the possibility to built a butterflyfeeder to make them come in your home, even if you only have a balcony.

Naissance exceptionnelle d'un rhinocéros - visible de 10h à 14h selon la météo !