Crested porcupine

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A very prickly customer!

The porcupine’s body is covered with dark brown or black bristles. On its back, sides and hindquarters it has black and white quills which can grow as long as 45 cm! When disturbed, it raises these quills to make itself look bigger. It drums the ground with its hind feet, growls and shakes its “rattle” (the tail quills) to produce a hissing sound. It then turns its rump on the intruder and charges it backwards, stabbing it with quills if necessary. These quills can cause serious injury, even death!

You can see the porcupines in an enclosure which they share with the African grey parrots. They are quite nocturnal and your best chance of seeing them is at morning feeding time!

Latin name: Hystrix cristata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Hystricidae
Size: body 60 – 83 cm, tail 8 – 17 cm
Weight: 13 – 27 kg
Lifespan: 21 years
Gestation: 112 days
Number of young: 1 – 4
Habitat: savannah
Diet: frugivorous + herbivorous
Distribution: northern half of Africa, Italy, Sicily
Conservation status: not at risk


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